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Greetings everyone, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer and I do livestreams of a some of the more popular C&C mods, namely Mental Omega, YR: Red-Resurrection, Attacque Supérior and Generals: Rise of the Reds on my twitch channel The streams usually last for 2 hours per stream.
Thus far my channel is the only channel in the world that brings you livestreams of C&C mods. My channel: http://www.twitch.tv/pauljongejans
大家好,我是赫克托耳·毁灭锤子,我在我的 twitch 频道上实况转播一些流行的命令与征服系列的 mod,包括:心灵终结(Mental Omega)、尤里的复仇:红色复活(YR: Red-Resurrection)、重兵压境(Attacque Supérior。法,译注)以及将军:红色崛起(Generals: Rise of the Reds)。通常每场直播持续约两个小时。
目前为止它是世界上仅有的直播命令与征服系列 mod 的频道。地址是 http://www.twitch.tv/pauljongejans

Mental Omega is done currently on wednesdays at 18:00 GMT (daylight saving) (translates to 02:00 Beijing time) together with Zenothist, who streams on The mentalmeisters channel and if your connection is up to it, you can view both streams side by side on our shared Kadgar basically allowing you to view the streams from 2 different perspectives, as Zenothist and myself are always observing/playing in the same games. Of course you as players are more than welcome to jump into our hosted games. Kadgar link: http://www.kadgar.net/live/pauljongejans,mentalmeisters
心灵终结的直播目前是在 GMT 时间每周三的 18:00(夏令时)(北京时间周四半夜 02:00)制作的。和我一起直播的是 Zenothist,他也在主持一个叫 mentalmeisters (闷头妹斯特)的频道。如果你能够上他的频道,你就可以在 Kadgar播放器上同时在两个视角看同一场直播,这是因为 Zenothist 和我通常都是一起玩或者一起观战。当然如果你愿意加入我们的游戏,我们也欢迎。我们的 Kadgar 的链接是 http://www.kadgar.net/live/pauljongejans,mentalmeisters。

For those of you who have already seen, for instance, the Mental Omega Subfaction Spotlights or some of the pre=release streams on the Mentalmeisters channel, you are familliar with my work, because up unitl march 2014, I hosted all of the streams on that channel.

YR: Red-Resurrection and Attacque Supérior are done on fridays, also at 18:00 GMT (daylight saving) (which translates to 02:00 Beijing Time).
尤里的复仇:红色复活和重兵压境的实况在 GMT 时间每周五的 18:00(夏令时)(北京时间周六半夜 02:00)播放。

YR: Red-Resurrection is publicly available which means you can join us as players on stream. Usually I try to stream this mod once per month. If demand gets high enough, this might change in the future.  Download link on ModDb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/yr-red ... multiplayer-beta-21
尤里的复仇:红色复活已经正式发布,亦即,你可以加入我们的实况游戏。通常我会每月播一次这个 mod。如果观众的呼声很高这可能会改变。红色复活的下载地址:http://www.moddb.com/mods/yr-red ... multiplayer-beta-21

Attacque Supérior is currently not available to the public, so the streams that we do of it, are basically a showcase of progress Graion Dilach makes in his mod. And once this mod is released to the public, of course you can jump in as players. I try to stream this mod once per month, but it depends on the progress that has been made in between streams, so there is a chance that in a given month there will not be an AS stream.
重兵压境目前尚未正式发布,因此我们直播的目的仅仅是为了展示 Graion Dilach 的制作进度。一旦他的 mod 正式发布,你也可以作为玩家加入。通常也是每个月一次直播,不过这取决于他的制作进度,因此可能某个月就不播这个mod了。

On other fridays on occasion, I do stream Mental Omega. I usually have a different co-commentator, or even multiple co-commentators and during these streams, I tend to me more laid back, relaxed and I may even play different background music.

I understand these times are, especially for the Chinese community, difficult to watch, but do understand I live in the Netherlands and I don't have the opportunity to stream at any other time during these days.

Generals: Rise of the Reds is streamed on Sundays, at either 13:00 GMT or 14:00 GMT, depending on who my co-commentator is (daylight savings) (which translates to either 21:00 or 22:00 Beijing Time) and these streams are of the internal beta 1,85, which currently doesn't have a scheduled public release. In the future, once this version does get released, most streams will revolve around 1,85, but I've received word that from time to time I'll end up doing a pre-release 2.0 stream, to showcase new stuff.
将军:红色崛起的直播在每周日的 GMT 时间 13:00 或 14:00 ,取决于谁来做我的解说员小伙伴(北京时间每周日 21:00 或 22:00)。这些直播使用的版本是内测 1.85,目前还没有计划对外发布。将来这个版本发布后,大多数直播将会使用该版本。但是我可能经常使用预发布 2.0 版本,展示一些新东西。

In the info section of my channel, which you can find below the video window, I have posted lots of information about what I stream, when I stream and some of the images will lead to different links. So please take your time to look around and click on those images and links I've posted there.
One very important link is the Schedule and Countdown which I update after every stream, given I know what I end up streaming next, which shows you a countdown on when the next stream is.
一个比较重要的链接是 the Schedule and Countdown,我每次直播后都会更新这个链接,告诉你我下次会放什么,以及下次直播的倒计时。

I also have a Facebook page where I always post updates on anthing related to streams or videos I make. http://www.facebook.com/pages/He ... 231209986811?ref=hl
我也在一个 Facebook 的页面上发布我的直播或视频的更新。这个页面的地址是 http://www.facebook.com/pages/He ... 231209986811?ref=hl

Also, my Twitter is always up to date on what's going on. http://twitter.com/HDoomhammer
我的 Twitter 也经常更新。http://twitter.com/HDoomhammer

I even have my own subforum on SWR Productions where I post all sorts of updates, and where you can ask questions and give feedback. http://forums.swr-productions.com/index.php?showforum=102
我也在 SWR(就是绝命时刻:冲击波和毛子崛起的那个制作组。译注)论坛上有一个专门的子版块发布各种更新,你也可以在那里提问或反馈问题。http://forums.swr-productions.com/index.php?showforum=102

Lastly, my Youtube channel is where all streams, except for some Friday MO streams, are uploaded as well. http://www.youtube.com/user/MasterHammersman
最后,除了一些星期五的心灵终结的视频外,我会把我所有的其他视频上传到我的 YouTube 频道。我的 YouTube 频道是 http://www.youtube.com/user/MasterHammersman

If you intend to be a regular viewer on my channel and you have a Twitch account, please do take the time to read all the information I placed there, especially the channel rules, becu=ause I've invested a lot of time and effort in setting this channel lay out up.
So I hope to see you all on wednesdays, fridays and sundays.
如果你打算成为我的频道的忠实观众并且你有一个 Twitch 账号,请留意我在那里发布的所有信息,尤其是频道规则,因为我花费了很多时间制订它。

Hecthor Doomhammer

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